Constitutional Position

The Council of Advice, the last advisory body of Government and Parliament, has a constitutionally regulated independent position. The Council takes an independent, impartial and objective position while advising Government and Parliament.

Unlike Government and Parliament, the Council is not democratically legitimized. The Council derives its authority from its scientific approach in its advices.

The advices of the Council are not binding. The Council does not have the power to prevent proposals of law from becoming law, or to force Parliament or Government to amend their proposals. Government and Parliament should use the advices of the Council to enhance the quality of their draft laws.

In this manner the Council plays its role as guardian of the rule of law without compromising the democratic principles.



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    Council of Advice Sint Maarten E.C. Richardson Street 13 Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
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    Tel: +1 (721) 542-0953 Fax: +1 (721) 542-0963
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    Monday - Friday (except holidays) from 08:00 -12:00, 13:00 -17:00

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